Private Building Certifiers in Sydney
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Construction Certificates (CC) and Complying Development Certificates (CDC)

Essential Certifiers are here to help you obtain the Construction Certificate required after your local Council has approved your Development Application. Our highly experienced Accredited Certifiers can also issue the Complying Development Certificates as long as the proposed works meet all of the development standards, these crucial approvals allow building works to commence on site.

Principal Certifier (PC)

Before you start any approved works, you must appoint a Principal Certifier. This is where our team of experienced Certifiers undertake the responsibility of conducting inspections and issuing the Occupation Certification at the completion of a project.

Mandatory Critical Stage Inspections

Mandatory Critical Stage Inspections vary from site to site. Our highly skilled and thorough Certifiers will ensure your development is constructed in accordance with the regulations and standards implemented by NCCBCA and Australian Standards and all applicable legislation.

Occupation Certificates

Upon completion of your building project, our Certifiers will confidently and efficiently issue an Occupation Certificate. Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 it is crucial you obtain this certificate which allows the premises to be occupied as a new building or change the use of an existing building.

Building Code of Australia (BCA) Compliance Report

Possessing Grade A1 Accreditation enables Essential Certifiers to assess all buildings, unrestricted by class or size, to ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia. We are highly experienced when preparing reports and liaising with authorities and consultants on a wide range of projects, including the provision of advice regarding BCA interpretation, ranging from residential to large commercial, industrial and retail projects. These reports enable existing buildings to comply with current fire safety codes and standards.

Pool Barrier Compliance Certificate

Swimming pool owners must register their swimming pool or spa pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register. Our Certifiers at Essential Certifiers are qualified to carry out the necessary inspections, issue certificates and register the swimming pool on your behalf. Contact us for a quote.

Landscape Plan Amendments

During or nearing completion of your development, changes to your landscape plans may have occurred. Our Accredited Certifiers will be able to assess and approve amended landscape plans. Click to here for more details.