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Landscape Plan Amendments

Are you seeking to make amendments to your landscape plans? If you have obtained a Complying Development Certificate for your development, our Accredited Certifiers are here to help guide you through the process to obtain approval.

During your development, changes to your house affect your landscape plans e.g.: the water tank location may have been changed or the retaining wall requirements have been altered. This not unusual, however amendments to your approval will be necessary.

To seek assessment and approval of these changes we require:

  • A copy of the amended landscape plan outlining the changes. i.e.: location of plants, changes to retaining walls, etc
  • Completed Landscape Plan Amendments application form

To assess and approve the changes, the following fees will be applicable and paid in full before approval can be issued:

  • Non-refundable assessment fee: $150 + GST
  • Other fees as required. i.e. Council Lodgement fee, Amended CDC approval fees.